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Handmade Ceramics That Are Out Of This World. Shop small batch porcelain made by hand in North Carolina

Handmade_Ceramic_Serving_Tray.1 Handmade_Ceramic_Serving_Tray.2

NEW! 'ARRIVAL' Serving Tray

from 59.00
Modern_Ceramic_Vase_Collection.1 Modern_Ceramic_Vase_Collection.2

'Vega' Vase Collection

from 49.00
Handmade_Ceramic_Stacking_Dessert_Plate Handmade_Ceramic_Bubbleglaze_Dessert_Plate

NEW! 'ARRIVAL' Dessert Plate

from 29.00
NEW! 'ARRIVAL' Noodle Cup Handmade_Ceramic_Aqua_noodlebowl.2

NEW! 'ARRIVAL' Noodle Cup

from 32.00
Handmade_Ceramic_servingplatter_bubbleglaze.1 Handmade_Ceramic_servingplatter_bubbleglaze.2

'ARRIVAL' Large Dinner Platter

from 62.00
Handmade_Ceramic_wine_cup.1 Handmade_Ceramic_wine_cup_stackable.1

'ARRIVAL' Mood-Booster Cup

from 16.00
'Vega' Large Floor Planter Handmade_Ceramic_large_floor_planter_sagegrey.1

'Vega' Large Floor Planter

'ARRIVAL' Sake Set Handmade_ceramic_sakeset_Aqua.1

'ARRIVAL' Sake Set

from 48.00
Handmade_Modern_ceramic_dinnerbowl_Aqua.1 Handmade_Modern_ceramic_dinnerbowl_Aqua.2

'ARRIVAL' Dinner Bowl

from 49.00
'ARRIVAL' Supper Plate Handmade_Modern_ceramic_dinnerplate_bubbleglaze_.2

'ARRIVAL' Supper Plate

from 49.00
Handmade_Modern_ceramic_servingbowl_Aqua.1 IMG_9145NT.jpg

'ARRIVAL' Serving Bowl

from 62.00
'ARRIVAL' Wine Set IMG_9578NT.jpg

'ARRIVAL' Wine Set

from 80.00
Handmade_Modern_ceramic_stackable_espressocups_Aqua.1 Handmade_Modern_ceramic_espressocups_Aqua.5

'ARRIVAL' Quad-Shot Mini Cup

from 14.00
Handmade_Modern_Ceramic_Tumbler.1 Handmade_Modern_Ceramic_Tumbler.2

'Comet' Tumbler

Handmade_porcelain_CandleVotive_chimenea.1 Handmade_porcelain_CandleVotive_chimenea.2

'Chimenea' Tea Light

'Garden Bomb' Hanging Succulent Planter Handmade_ceramic_hanging_planter.2

'Garden Bomb' Hanging Succulent Planter

from 38.00
'Moonphase' Pendant Necklace Handmade_Moonphase_pendant_necklace.2

'Moonphase' Pendant Necklace

North Carolina State Pride Holiday Tree Ornament Handmade_porcelain_NorthCaroloina_christmasornament.2

North Carolina State Pride Holiday Tree Ornament

from 12.00
'Vega' Holiday Tree Ornament unnamed (1).jpg

'Vega' Holiday Tree Ornament

Gay For Clay Tees ACS_0061.jpeg

Gay For Clay Tees

from 19.00
IMG_0210.JPG IMG_9960NT.jpg

'Comet' Tumbler My Favorite Murder Limited Edition

'Rocket' LED Pendant Light IMG_7531EDIT.jpg

'Rocket' LED Pendant Light

from 200.00