Powder Studio
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Handcast | Porcelain | Lighting | Design. Powder Studio designs and produces functional porcelain forms from their studio in North Carolina. 


It all started when...

Powder Studio was born in December of 2013, when Nathan Tucker convinced his husband Stephen that starting a ceramics studio was A GREAT IDEA!  Nathan has a background in industrial design. His wacky sensibility adds a ‘far-out’ vision to every product our studio creates. Stephen has a background in customer service, business management, marketing, and social media. Nathan and Stephen bring their talents together to fuel the brain child that is Powder Studio.

Laying the foundation...

The foundation and vision of our designs pull inspiration from the universe and seemingly alien forms.  We work to create lasting quality pieces that combine everyday use and modern, exciting, intergalactic design.  Whether you’re wearing a necklace or admiring our items in your home, we like to bring a spark of delight to daily life.

Small Batch.

All Powder Studio products are made to order in small batches. Please allow 1-2  weeks for your item/s to be refined, processed and heading the their new world. All pieces are handmade; some glazes/textures/finishes may vary from item to item. We like to call this character, Nathan likes to call it “Flavor”, however you spin it, you can’t deny it’s unique and beautiful. 

Love your mother...

Powder Studio strives to be as eco-friendly as possible. We make these efforts by using LED lighting in our studio, producing LED fixtures, recycling our clay and other materials whenever possible, recycling paper/aluminum/plastic waste, and package our products with post-consumer, recyclable, and compostable materials. As much as we would love to be living on another planet sometimes, we know the earth is our life force and being as sustainable as possible is the least we can do to help protect her.

How can we help?

Got questions about a specific product? Interested in Powder Studio creating a custom project? Looking for information on wholesale or becoming a stockist? Reach out to us here and one of our team members will respond promptly. Thank you for your interest in Powder Studio! 

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The ceramic process itself – the act of mining ordinary substances from the earth and affecting permanent chemical transformation via heating those ingredients to 2300 degrees Fahrenheit  – mimics natural processes that occur at infinitely larger scales than our studio (and also leaves many aspects of our work totally out of our control).  To us, our process is a microcosm that reflects the forces that created us and continue to shape the universe.  Conceptually, it’s difficult not to take inspiration from such personal yet universal parallels with the ultimate creative force.  So yes, we watch a lot of documentaries about Outer Space and I believe one can pretty easily see that in our work.
— Nathan