Bohemian Stylehouse

We absolutely love working with businesses to help add personality and flare to their spaces. So when our friends Candace Stamper and Mary Scott, owners of Bohemian Stylehouse salon in Charlotte's Plaza Midwood Neighborhood, asked us for help we couldn't resist! 

We created a retail display of 'Garden Bomb' hanging succulent planters for the waiting area. We managed to find a large, funky, and beautiful piece of driftwood for the 'bones' of the display. Then drilled two holes and secured metal hooks through each side of the driftwood and hung it on the wall using wire cable. Bohemian Stylehouse chose oranges, whites, purples, and grays for their main color scheme, so we matched the 'Garden Bomb' colors and strayed from the color line you will find on our website and other retail stores. 

As a sustainably conscious salon, Candace & Mary wanted to decrease daily waste of coffee cups and Keurig cups. The solution? Powder Studio 'Comet' 12oz Coffee Mugs in planetary periwinkle & refillable K-cups! 


And last, but certainly not least, LIGHTING! The shampoo area had two old IKEA lighting fixtures that didn't mesh with the style of the new salon look and feel. We created a Large Custom 'Mother Ship' to replace each fixture. Not only do these fixtures look beautiful from across the room, paired with wall art by Osiris Rain, but they are also a lovely view from below while you get shampooed. 

Home Sweet Home

Some of the biggest FAQ’s we receive are “What would this look like in my home?”, “Will this go with my decor?”, “But, what is it for and where would I put it?”. So, we got real and met with Laura Sumrak, photographer, and Kathryn Godwin, Owner of Studio Cultivate, to help us bring our vision to life. For the past two years we have poured our blood, sweat, and tears (literally all of these things) into our studio and it’s designs, this year is the first time we are able to show everyone HOW our products can make your home cooler than deep space. We could go on and on, but instead we will just let you see for yourself.

This side table got a dreamy set up with the ‘Stamper’ succulent planter, ‘Garden Bomb’ hanging succulent planter, ‘Choir’ votive, and small ‘Rocket’ pendant light.

This side table got a dreamy set up with the ‘Stamper’ succulent planter, ‘Garden Bomb’ hanging succulent planter, ‘Choir’ votive, and small ‘Rocket’ pendant light.

Dream of the unknown. From left: ‘Stamper’ Succulent planter, ‘Cosmic’ dish, ‘Mother Ship’ Hanging pendent light.

Dream of the unknown. From left: ‘Stamper’ Succulent planter, ‘Cosmic’ dish, ‘Mother Ship’ Hanging pendent light.

Impress the ladies with these masculine color schemes and artful forms. From left: ‘Companion’ vase, ‘Cosmic’ dish, ‘Stamper’ succulent planter, medium ‘Rocket’.

Impress the ladies with these masculine color schemes and artful forms. From left: ‘Companion’ vase, ‘Cosmic’ dish, ‘Stamper’ succulent planter, medium ‘Rocket’.

Spring Is In The Air

And that means it’s time to start planting and pretending you've got a green thumb. Don’t worry, with this product you don’t have to! Powder Studio is happy to announce the official online launch of our ‘Garden Bomb’ hanging succulent planters! These curvy babes come in 4 color schemes (Sunset Orange, Robin's Egg, French Grey, Satin White) and 2 sizes (small & large) that are perfect to add greenery to a bare wall or give your indoor garden some height. The ‘Garden Bomb’ makes a wonderful accent piece, providing a pop of color and character in your space. Don’t believe us? Check out these spread shots by Laura Sumrak and styled by Studio Cultivate.

Not into the hanging idea? The ‘MoonScape’ tabletop planter can grace your window, tables, or porch with simple elegance. This planters sexy form demands attention and houses succulents beautifully – could there be life on the moon? No, there isn’t, but ‘MoonScape’ makes you wish there was. 

In case you really do need help with the whole green thumb thing, here's some helpful tips on caring for succulents

- Don't Over Water. You may think your little pals are looking a bit dry, trust us, they like it! Succulents do not require frequent watering like most house plants. Use Cactus soil to help with moisture control and drainage. Keep soil damp and cool, but never saturate your plants or allow water to puddle up in your planter. We suggest lightly watering every few weeks to a month and mist plants every other week or so. Add Cactus Food to your waterings to help boost the health of your succulents. 

- Environment. Keep your plants away from air vents, drafty/cold areas or outside during cool months. Try to keep your plants in a temperature controlled environment - they don't fair well with changes in their climate. Succulents tend to favor temperatures of 60-90 degrees. 

- Sunlight. Succulents love sunlight, but be weary of over saturating them in it's golden rays. If a succulent is overwhelmed by the amount of sunlight it's receiving you will notice leaves becoming less colorful or 'bleached'.  Find a good space with constant indirect sunlight or an area that only gets direct sunlight for a short period of time each day. The same goes for too little sunlight. If your plants are dissatisfied with the amount of sunlight they are receiving the leaves will weaken and start turning brown. This is a sign you should move your plants to a more desirable area. 


Vintage Charlotte Pop - December 2015

Anyone that knows Amy Herman, Owner of Vintage Charlotte, knows she can take a vision and make it happen! We’ve enjoyed being a part of Amy’s bi-annual vintage and handmade shopping event, Vintage Charlotte, over the past two years. This year, she took her market concept to a whole new level!


Amy decided to offer Charlotte a full week to get a second chance to shop her local, well- curated vendors. Thus VTGCLT Pop was born.

VTGCLT Pop was a full scale pop-up shop held at the old Good Year Building Uptown Charlotte on Stonewall Street. The shop featured products from 85 local/regional vintage and handmade vendors. Amy and Kathryn Godwin, Owner of Studio Cultivate, took an old, empty ‘showroom’ and created a magical, hip shop you could only wish was permanent. 

The coolest part about VTGPOP is that it wasn’t just a shopping destination, in the retail wasteland we know as Uptown Charlotte, it also hosted a gamut of events and DIY workshops. Coffee, food, hands on projects with Studio Cultivate, AND shopping. It was kind of the whole shebang, so to speak. If you’ve never been to a Vintage Charlotte Market,  missed the holiday pop-up event, or the VTGCLT POP Valentine’s Edition pop- up, it’s time to get this girl on your radar! Follow @VTGCLT on Instagram/Twitter or Facebook .

Holiday Wreath Workshop by Studio Cultivate 

Holiday Wreath Workshop by Studio Cultivate 

Photo by Laura Sumrak

Photo by Laura Sumrak

Photo by Laura Sumrak

Photo by Laura Sumrak

Photo by Laura Sumrak

Photo by Laura Sumrak

Photo by Laura Sumrak

Photo by Laura Sumrak

Vintage Charlotte Winter Market 2014

After great success and feedback from the Vintage Charlotte Summer Market we were happy to have been accepted into the Winter Market. This time we were amped up and ready to go! At the market we released porcelain lighting fixtures, built a ballin' display, and collaborated with local jewelry making twins Geoflora


Ellen & Margaret Hinrichs (or as we like to call them; The Geoflora Girls) placed a custom order for a new product line of ring and bracelet displays. Inspired by Stalagmites shape, we created three sizes of both 'Gentle Spike' ring and bracelet holders. In efforts to build more "buzz" we also teamed up with Geolflora for the Vintage Charlotte Giveaway


Vintage Charlotte gained lots of social media and press attention; vendors shared all of the goodies they were bringing using #VTGCLT. The pop-up market also received a short feature on the Charlotte Home + Garden blog mentioning us! 

"This year about four times as many vendors applied as can be accepted. Artists and vintage collectors participate in the juried selection process to maintain the market's high quality. The majority of the vendors are from Charlotte, including recent Charlotte at Home subject Powder Studio." - Charlotte Home + Garden. 

The day of the market came and went as shoppers packed out The Fillmore at record numbers. Be sure to check out Vintage Charlotte's Blog post and full photo album of the incredible day!    * All photos in this post are taken by Amy Herman/ Vintage Charlotte. 

Charlotte Home + Garden Fall Issue

Swoon! Powder Studio was discovered by an Editor for Charlotte Home + Garden Magazine at the Vintage Charlotte Summer Market. Months later she contacted us asking to come see the studio and feature some of our items in the quarterly publication. Of course, we we're excited and more than happy to oblige her request. Aleigh (Editor) and Leah (columnist) came by the studio, got a full tour and an extensive interview. After sitting and chatting with the two about our history, how the dream began, our process and more. Leah wrote two excellent features on us - one in the Charlotte Home + Garden Magazine and an extended feature on the publications blog

Charlotte Home + Garden - Modern Display "Each hand-cast porcelain creation from Powder Studio has a personality, but each piece is also open to interpretation. “We like [our line] because it looks different to everyone,” says Stephen James, who owns Powder Studio with his partner Nathan Tucker. Their designs are meant to be useful—as vases or tea-light holders—but are also beautiful on their own as sculptural art. James and Tucker build the molds, pour the porcelain, glaze the pieces, and fire their wares inside their NoDa studio. The delicate porcelain gives their work a beautiful quality, but it can also make the items fragile: James and Tucker lose about 25 percent of their work during the production process. “You’re not really in control,” Tucker says. Prices start at $24,"

Pictured: Companion Vase, Chamfer vase,  small Chimenea

Vintage Charlotte Summer Market 2014

We started designing and creating a product line in January 2014. From building an artist network, making a marketing strategy, and everything else that comes along with starting a small business we've been up to the gils in work. Having guidance from fellow maker friends in the Charlotte area, we knew we wanted to apply for the Vintage Charlotte Summer Market. So, we applied and were accepted! In the weeks leading up to the market Amy Herman (owner and organizer of Vintage Charlotte) featured us on her 'vendor spotlight' blog and assisted all participating vendors in connecting and networking with each other.

 We worked night and day to be fully prepared for our first market .Finally, after weeks of preparing, we scurried into The Fillmore  setting up our booth and readying ourselves for the day of shoppers. The day was more than we could have anticipated.  In summary, the shoppers were excited about our work, we met new creatives, drank a few Budweiser's, and left exhausted and euphoric.  The experience that Amy cultivates is one of the most unique (and awesome) events we've seen in Charlotte. 


Check out these photos from the event: Photo Credit - Amy Herman 

Powder Capped Mountains

As a part of the active artists community at The Hart Witzen Annex we decided to liven up our street appeal. Above each studio was a large white space atop the crank open windows. Many of our studio neighbors painted murals above their windows giving the building more personality. We teamed up with a good friend Kate: Shop King Dude  and gave her full creative reign on crafting a mural for us.


Kate took inspiration from our name and blew us away with an incredible scene made solely of Duct Tape. Our name 'Powder Studio' comes from two inspirations: 1. Everything we create ( plaster models/molds, glaze, porcelain, etc.) literally starts with powder - and makes a LOT during the creation process. 2. Our beloved dog Powell has always had the nickname 'Powder Butt'. For Kate our name gave her the visualization of snow (or powder) capped mountains. We couldn't be more please with the final result! 

The Start of Something Good.

We are THRILLED to announce the opening of Powder Studio, a ceramics studio in NoDa that focuses on crafting original products that make you smile.

WHY are we doing this??!

Our goals are to make a living doing something that is SUPER FUN and do our part to add a tiny bit of vibrancy to Charlotte's local culture. Also, we aren't getting any younger!

"Happiness is not something ready made. It comes from your own actions."
-Dalai Lama

Our studio hours are by appointment only. However, you can expect to see our work in local shops, events AND on our sparkly new online store!

Thanks for following!!!
-Nathan & Stephen